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"I have really appreciated Tara's strengths as a teacher - her clarity and her ability to teach well to the particular child my daughter is. I was surprised to see that Tara was able to transfer her skills even to remote learning with more recent virtual classes. Tara's perfect pitch extends beyond music. She has perfect pitch as a teacher." - D.C.

"As a parent of an elementary-aged beginning piano student, I appreciate Tara's organization, professionalism, communication and flexibility. Her school year and summer session calendar arrangements are sensible and make it easier for us to be consistent. My child has progressed every week and enjoys the lessons." - E.D.

"Tara has been teaching my daughter for about 7 months now and we absolutely love it. F has some physical considerations that need to be taken into account and Tara took on the challenge and adapted the curriculum to fit F. F loves piano and looks forward to it every week." - K.H.

"I sing with a women's chorus, and wanted to improve my vocal range, strength and ability to land and stay on pitch. I started lessons with Tara in Fall of 2019. Tara is very knowledgeable, professional, personable, encouraging, and a good communicator. She is very good at picking up on what, either in your vocal equipment or a piece you are working on, is giving you a problem and finding descriptions that will help you understand the difficulty. She then demonstrates and recommends exercises that can help overcome the problem, and provides the tools needed for practice. Tara also explains what things feel like physically in terms of breath control, throat, neck, shoulders, tongue, head position, etc., and how those variables effect the tones you produce. Lesson times with Tara are thoroughly enjoyable, they are a highlight of my week, and I always come away with specific areas to work on and an outcome to aim for. It's working! It has helped, too, that in this time of Covid, the Zoom lessons have worked out very well, so we haven't lost any momentum in training and progress continues." - M.C.

"Tara does an amazing job with piano and voice lessons! A lot has been learned through her and most importantly, the things she’s taught me are things I still continue to use today. I would highly recommend her services." - T.V.

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